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Aborted at 22 Weeks, Survived, Left to Die.

Friday, April 30th, 2010

By now, you’ve probably heard this story from Italy.  A few friends sent the link to me, and though not surprising, it’s still shocking and tragic.  Abortion deserves the description “tragic” and this story is another reason why.  When a 22 week old baby (the article did not tell us the baby’s gender though it would be obvious at 22 weeks) survives an abortion attempt and breathes on his/her own for about 20 hours with his/her umbilical cord still attached we should be freshly devastated and horrified at our tremendous arrogance in using words like “viability” to decide when a baby will live and die.  This little child  defies our arrogance.

I’m angered by this and I hope you are too.  I hope that you will channel your anger into radical, compassionate, loving, self-sacrificing (no suicide bombs please), pro-life, Christ-like, good deeds.  I wish I could hold this little child and comfort it… don’t you?  I hope someone did in his/her final moments.


Nebraska’s Fetal Pain Legislation And Why It Scares The Pro-Choice Movement

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Recently I got a text message from a friend asking that I pray that the Supreme Court does not overturn the new pro-life legislature in Nebraska.  This is a piece of legislation is monumental and many believe it challenges the foundation of the Roe V. Wade decision.  Nebraska’s new pro-life legislation is one which makes abortion illegal after 20 weeks on the basis of fetal pain (except for the case of medical emergency, the mother’s death is imminent or a serious risk of “substantial and irreversible physical impairment of a major bodily function.”)

Most states have a law which forbids abortion after the baby is viable, which is at the earliest 22 weeks, although that can vary from case to case.  Even though there is a two week difference, this legislation is ground breaking because scientific evidence for fetal painhas never been used by the courts before.  The following is from an article in the New York Times on this legislation.  To read the whole article go to

What is perhaps most notable about the law is that it takes aim at abortions from an utterly different perspective — the possibility of fetal pain — than states have tried historically, said officials at the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit research organization that focuses on reproductive health and rights.

In some states that mandate counseling for women considering abortions, the women are told of a possibility that fetuses may have the capacity to feel pain. But no other state cites that possibility as part of a law restricting abortions.

After the death of George Tiller, a doctor in Nebraska by the name of Leroy Carhart wanted to take his place as the leader of performing late term abortions.  This would, according to one pro-life group, make Nebraska the late term abortion capital of the midwest.  Statistics are showing that America is becoming more pro-life and this is one proof of it, as this bill is the result of Nebraskans not wanting their state to become known for late term abortion.

Nancy Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, has been quoted as saying this about the bill,”If some of these other anti-abortion bills have been chipping away at Roe v. Wade, this takes an ax to it.” Please pray that this is what is needed to sharpen the axe to taken down Roe V. Wade.

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An Abortion Litmus Test For SCOTUS Nominee

Monday, April 26th, 2010

From a CBS news article:

“Asked if he would consider nominating a judge to the Supreme Court who does not support abortion rights, President Obama said today that, like presidents before him, he is not applying a “litmus test” on that or any issue.

But he went on to say that he wants ‘somebody who is going to be interpreting our Constitution in a way that takes into account individual rights, and that includes women’s rights. And that’s going to be something that is very important to me.’”

He also said:

“Part of what our core Constitutional values promote is the notion that individuals are protected in their privacy and their bodily integrity, and women are not exempt from that,” the president added. He said he is “somebody who believes that women should have the ability to make often very difficult decisions about their own bodies and issues of reproduction.”

And so there will be a litmus test regarding the SCOTUS nominees position on abortion.  Perhaps the President means that he won’t ask any direct questions about abortion.  But any person with a brain knows that this means that POTUS will test for it in some other way.  Don’t you love politics?

It’s shocking to think that people could be fooled to actually believe that President Obama, arguably the most radical pro-abortion President to ever hold office, a President who actually celebrates the anniversary of Roe v. Wade publicly, would not care about a SCOTUS nominees position on Roe v. Wade.

A statement like that might not tell us directly what President Obama is thinking, but when we place it next to his horrific record on the issue of abortion, it tells us that trickery is the order of the day, again.

The Nightmare Continues…

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

This made me furious.  I’ll likely be trying to cheer myself for the rest of the day today as result of reading about the UK’s murderous cloning experiments.  If any of our readers are looking for a reason to be grumpy today let this be it. I’ll be taking my grumpiness to God in prayer that this kind of wretched science would be no more.

And so the nightmare continues…

Read what I read here.

Why Abortion Is A Bad Option When The Preborn Is Diagnosed With Down’s Syndrome

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

My heart recently broke as I read the story about the twins that were aborted as a result of a “selective reduction”, as it’s now called, gone wrong.  A Florida woman was pregnant with twins and the pregnancy was going fine when she was at 16 weeks.  I can’t even imagine the joy of the parents knowing they were pregnant with two kids after years of struggling to get pregnant since this pregnancy was only possible through in-vitro fertilization.  The parents decided to get an amniocentesis test and they found out one of the babies may potentially have down syndrome and another defect.  They opt for a selective reduction and choose to have the Down’s Syndrome baby aborted and keep the healthy one.  Dr. Matthew Kachinas had never performed a selective reduction before, but he hated to tell parents “no.”  Once the abortion is over Dr. Kachinas realizes he has aborted the healthy baby.  The parents not wanting a baby with down syndrome, but no longer having the healthy child in the womb decided to have the baby with down syndrome aborted also.  They have now gone from expecting twins, to no longer being pregnant at all.

Dr. Mohler in his blog asks what is wrong with the confusing morality of America as our nation is more concerned about the wrong baby being aborted instead of the fact that the doctor is ready to abort the baby because it isn’t what the parents envisioned. “Consider what this means for the sanctity of human life. We are now looking at babies as consumer products. We will accept babies that meet our specified qualifications, and abort when medical tests or other factors reveal that the baby does not meet our standards. Human life is reduced to just another consumer product subject to consumer preferences and demand.” You can read the rest of Dr. Mohler’s thoughts here:

If you are or you know of some someone considering aborting a child because of a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome I’d encourage you to look into Reece’s Rainbow.  Reece’s Rainbow is a non-profit organization that advocates and aids in the adoption of children born with Down Syndrome.  There are many people eager and ready to love a Down’s Syndrome child.  The pro-choice movement doesn’t want you to know this, but there is an actually a growing trend of people looking for Down’s Syndrome babies to adopt.  You can read about how it is gaining popularity here.  Please pray for Reece’s Rainbow and other organizations that support adoptions babies with Down’s Syndrome.

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Chris Christie Cuts State (Taxpayer) Funding for Planned Parenthood

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I’m not attempting to make a pro-life hero out of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, I’m just saying, this is a good thing and I’m hoping for more of it.  To see this kind of a budget cut in a state like New Jersey is a marvelous thing to behold.  If there is a way to make abortion more evil than it already is, it is to force people to subsidize it.  And it’s one of the grossest forms of injustice in our nation that we are forced to subsidize abortion via taxation. Governor Christie has done something good here to deal with that kind of injustice.

Read about it here.


Thursday, April 1st, 2010

My friend Andrew was struck by a verse as he read his Bible two mornings ago.  He sent me this e-mail:

“Thought of abortion when I read this this morning.

‘Our Fathers sinned, and are no more; and we bear their iniquities.’ Lamentations 5:7

What a nasty snowball has accumulated since 1973.”

How true Andrew, how true.

I’m praying for more friends to be struck by the enormity of abortion when they have their Bible time.